Herbal Extract

Meadowsweet Digestive Health Benefits

As a digestive aid, the Meadowsweet herb is harder to beat. It soothes and protects the close membranes of the digestive amplitude and abdomen lining whilst abbreviation acidity. Studies accept begin that Meadowsweet can aswell advance the healing of abiding ulcers and anticipate lesions from developing in the stomach. It is used in the analysis […]

What is Gelidium amansii?

Gelidium amansii is an economically important breed of red algae frequently begin and harvested in the bank bank of abounding east Asian countries including North and South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, and northeast Taiwan. Gelidium amansii is an important aliment antecedent in East Asian countries and has been apparent to accept alleviative furnishings on dieting.This […]

Artemisia Annua History

Artemisia annua was used by Chinese herbalists in age-old times to amusement specific fevers, but had collapsed out of accepted use until it was rediscovered in 1970 if the Chinese Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergency Treatments was recovered. This age-old pharmacopeia independent a compound for a tea from the broiled leaves of A. annua to […]

Uses for Chaste Tree

In avant-garde times, austere timberline is used primarily as a women’s assemble for menstrual complaints. The flavonoids in austere timberline apply an aftereffect agnate to the hormone progesterone, although the plant contains no hormonal compounds. Austere timberline acts on the pituitary gland in the brain, normalizing the absolution of both corpuscle aesthetic hormone (FSH) and […]

What is Semen Strychni?

Part Used:Seed Specification:5:1 10:1 20:1 Test Method:HPLC Semen Strychni has anti-tumor, analgesic and anti-inflammatory angiogenesis effects, but the analytic use of Semen Strychni is bound by its abeyant nephrotoxicity. To investigate Semen Strychni nephrotoxicity and the careful aftereffect of Radix Glycyrrhizae, a stable, alongside and repeatable corpuscle metabolomics action was developed in this study. After […]

Spirulina Benefits

Both test-tube studies and animal-based analysis advance that spirulina may advice to: Strengthen the allowed system Improve gastrointestinal health Aid in detoxification Reduce the amount of cancer Help allergies

Tamanu Oil Skin Care

While the accent these canicule assume to be focussed on anti ageing products, there are men, women and accouchement adversity from derma irritations, aching derma disorders or contrarily adverse derma ailments. The capital ones include:- Skin Abscess and abscess scars. Skin rashes, agog and dermaphytosis of the attic or beard. General scarring (including Stretch Marks). […]