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Valproic Acid Description

CAS No.: 99-66-1
Molecular Weight:675.6424
Molecular Formula:C34H44Cl2N4O6
Valproic acid is an Anti-epileptic Agent and Mood Stabilizer. The physiologic effect of valproic acid is by agency of Decreased Central Nervous System Disorganized Electrical Activity.
Valproic Acid is a constructed acquired of propylpentanoic acid with antiepileptic backdrop and abeyant antineoplastic and antiangiogenesis activities. In epilepsy, valproic acid appears to act by accretion the absorption of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain. This agent’s antitumor and antiangiogenesis activities may be accompanying to the inhibition of histone deacetylases and nitric oxide synthase, which after-effects in the inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis.


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