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Where to buy Octenidine dihydrochloride?

CAS: 70775-75-6 Molecular Formula: C36H62N4·2HCl Molecular weight:623.84 Melting point:215-217°C Boiling point:609.3°C Description: Octenidine dihydrochloride is a cationic surfactant, with a bolaamphiphile structure, derived from pyridine. It is primarily used as an antiseptic As a professional supplier and manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Green Stone Swiss Co ., ltd. has been supplying quality Octenidine dihydrochloride to customers […]

Triethylenetetramine Uses

Triethylenetetramine (TETA) is frequently acclimated in the accomplish of adhesive abating agents, bolt softeners, bless oil and ammunition additives, city additives, cardboard wet-strength resins, a part of added applications. It is a aqueous absolute linear, branched, and circadian molecules with an boilerplate atomic weight of 150. The acuteness and uses of TETA are agnate to […]

Droperidol Description

A butyrophenone with accepted backdrop agnate to those of haloperidol. It is acclimated in affiliation with an opioid analgesic such as fentanyl to advance the accommodating in a calm accompaniment of neuroleptanalgesia with alienation to ambience but still able to abet with the surgeon. It is aswell acclimated as a premedicant, as an antiemetic, and […]

Where to buy Diethyl sulfate?

CAS: 64-67-5 Molecular Formula: C4H10O4S Molecular Weight: 154 Product description: Diethyl sulfate is a bright achromatic aqueous with a peppermint odor. Burns, admitting may be difficult to ignite. Corrosive to metals and tissue. It is a almighty alkylating agent. Flash point is 104° C (219° F). Diethyl sulfate is acclimated as an alkylating agent, and […]

Human Health Effects of Ethylbenzene

Ethylbenzene is an amoebic admixture a lot of frequently acclimated in the assembly of plastics. It is a bright aqueous with an acid odor agnate to gasoline. The International Agency for Research on Cancer lists ethylbenzene as possibly carcinogenic. Exposure to top concentrations can could could could could cause humans to become, dizzy, lightheaded, and […]

Silicon tetrachloride

CAS: 10026-04-7 Molecular Formula: SiCl4 Molecular Weight: 169.8975 Product description: Silicon tetrachloride is the asleep admixture with the blueprint SiCl4. It is a colourless airy aqueous that effluvium in air. It is acclimated to aftermath top abstention silicon and silica for bartering applications. Silicon tetrachloride is a colorless, angry aqueous with a acid odor. It […]

Telithromycin Introduction

Telithromycin is a ketolide, a atypical anatomy of macrolide antibacterial that is recommended for analysis of association acquired pneumonia. Telithromycin was accustomed for use in the United States in 2004 and after affiliated to several cases of astringent biologic induced alarmist injury. Telithromycin is a Ketolide Antibacterial. The actinic allocation of telithromycin is Ketolides. Telithromycin, […]