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What is Candelilla wax?

Candelilla wax is a accustomed vegetable wax begin on the alien blanket of the candelilla shrubs Euphorbia cerifera, Euphorbia antisyphilitica and Pedilanthus pavonis. The blush of the wax ranges from chicken to tan and has a melting point of 68.5 to 72 degrees C or 155 to 161 degrees F. Candelilla wax is a abundant […]

ViscUp™ 160 Description

ViscUp™ 160 is a mineral oil gel based on a proprietary polymer, acceptable for derma and hair affliction applications. ViscUp 160 has a approved adeptness as a gelling agent, to addition the bendability of mineral oil. Typically, mineral oil is a difficult actual to gel and a lot of thickeners acclimated accord a bleared accomplished […]


In studies on the capability of apigenin on the analysis of leukemia, scientists apparent how apigenin was able to induced accustomed corpuscle afterlife (apoptosis) in U937 animal leukemia cells, advance aswell anti-leukemic action in vivo. It was aswell apparent that bump advance in U937 xenografts was attenuated, something that raises the hopes for the medical […]

What is Paullinia cupana?

Paullinia cupana, aswell accepted as guarana, is a bake-apple address tree, the seeds of which are arena into crumb and acclimated in acceptable Amazonian medicine. Guarana is supplemented primarily for its analeptic properties. Guarana may accept added anticancer effects, but abundant added analysis is bare to affirm this effect. Guarana is not a fat afire […]