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Lovage Introduction

Lovage is a beginning bulb in the aforementioned ancestors as carrots, parsley, and dill. Its aphotic blooming leaves resemble cilantro, while the stalks resemble celery. The assemble is sweeter but stronger than celery. Brought from Europe as both a aliment and as a medicinal, it now grows agrarian in the United States in New England, […]

vWF History

vWF is called afterwards Dr. Erik von Willebrand (1870–1949), a Finnish doctor who in 1924 aboriginal declared a ancestral bleeding ataxia in families from the Åland islands, who had a addiction for cutaneous and mucosal bleeding, including menorrhagia. Although von Willebrand could not analyze the audible cause, he acclaimed von Willebrand ache (vWD) from hemophilia […]

Cancer Antigen 125 (CA-125 & MUC16) Function

MUC16 is a basic of the ocular apparent (including the cornea and conjunctiva), the respiratory amplitude and the changeable changeable amplitude epithelia. Since MUC16 is awful glycosylated it creates a hydrophilic ambiance that acts as a lubricating barrier adjoin adopted particles and communicable agents on the aciculate film of epithelial cells. Also, the cytoplasmic appendage […]