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What is 1-Hexacosanol

CAS:506-52-5 Specification:10%–90% Detection method:GC Appearance: white crystalline PhysicalState: Solid Storage: Store at room temperature Product description:1-Hexacosanol is a saturated primary fatty alcohol with a carbon chain length of 26 that is a white waxy solid at room temperature. It is freely soluble in chloroform and insoluble in water. It occurs naturally in the epicuticular wax […]

What is Tin Foil used for?

Tin Foil is a attenuate and bendable metal bedding that is manufactured, as the name implies, from tin. Sometimes the product’s name is aswell accounting “tinfoil.” In accepted chat today, abounding humans use the appellation “tin foil” if what they in fact are apropos to is aluminum foil, which came into accepted use afterward World […]

What is IFN-gamma?

Interferon-γ (IFN-γ, aswell accepted as Type II interferon or allowed interferon) is a cytokine produced primarily by T-lymphocytes and accustomed analgesic cells. The protein shares no cogent affinity with IFN-β or the assorted IFN-α ancestors proteins. Complete IFN-γ exists as noncovalently-linked homodimers. Animal IFN-γ is awful breed specific and is biologically alive alone in animal […]

What is Collagenase ELISA Kit

Collagenases are enzymes that breach the peptide bonds in collagen. They abetment in antibacterial extracellular structures in pathogenesis of bacilli such as Clostridium. They are an exotoxin (a acerbity factor) and advice to facilitate the advance of gas gangrene. They commonly ambition the affiliation tissue in beef beef and added physique organs. Collagen, a key […]

What is Anti-Fibulin-5 and Anti-Fibulin 1?

Anti-Fibulin-5: Anti-Fibulin-5 (also known as EVEC/DANCE) is an extracellular matrix protein. Fibulin-5 is most commonly found in blood vessels and cardiac valves during embryogenesis and in adult tissue that contains elastic fibers like the skin, lungs, uterus and aorta. Fibulin-5 travels to the surface of the elastic fibers and its activity is dependent on calcium. […]