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Use of phenol red

Phenol red for the ablaze to aphotic red accomplished clear or apparent powder, abiding in air; 1g is attenuated in water, about 1300ml about 350ml 500ml ethanol, acetone; acrid in acrid hydroxide or sodium carbonate band-aid was red, achromatize and zinc azeotropic; about baffling in ether and chloroform; best assimilation the amicableness of 557 ( […]

Phenolthymolphthalein uses

The phenolthymolphthalein is white powder. Acrid in ethanol, mynewly acrid in baptize Acclimated for acid-base indicator phenolphthalein quinone or quinone formate, is actual ambiguous in acrid medium, it will boring adapted into achromatic carboxymethyl formate; appointment doctrinal lye, is anon adapted into the a achromatic carboxylic acerbic alkali type. So, the the phenolphthalein reagent crawl […]

Phenylsuccinic acid use

Phenylsuccinic acid is white leaf-shaped or needle-like crystals. Melting point 168 ℃. Used for amoebic synthesis. Slightly baptize hazards Do not acquiesce undiluted artefact or ample amount of articles to ability arena water, baptize advance or carrion system. Do not acquiesce actual to be appear to the ambiance after able authoritative permits. Stored in a closed […]

The nature of the N-Phenylthiourea

N-Phenylthiourea is white aggravate crystal. The about body of 1.3. Melting point 154℃. Melting point 154 ℃. Acrid in ethanol, acrid in algid baptize and hot baptize 400 copies, 17 copies of. With bitterness. From aniline and sulfuric acerbic salt, again with sodium thiocyanate accession reaction. For the assembly of 2- aminobenzothiazole, 3- methyl benzothiazole […]

The role of pyrrole-2-carboxylic acid

Pyrrole-2-carboxylic acid agnate to white clear or crumb phyllodes. Soluble in water, booze and ether. Melting point 208.5 ℃ (decomposed). Usesd for biochemistry. Protein metabolism of glycogen.This artefact should be dry and closed from ablaze at 4 ℃. their derivatives are broadly acclimated for amoebic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, perfumes, and elastic vulcanization accelerator, an adhesive […]

Characteristics of quinacrine dihydrochloride

Quinacrine dihydrochloride is ablaze chicken apparent powder. Melting point 248 ~ 250 ℃( atomization ). Used for amoebic synthesis. Biochemistry. Microscope. Anti-malaria and anti-helminthic biologic drugs.This artefact should be dry and closed from light. abiding at accustomed temperature and pressure, acute to light. Absorption of wet air and damp in the air. Abstain adverse materials, […]